Slim Aarons,  Dame Joan Collins , 1955.

Slim Aarons, Dame Joan Collins, 1955.

I don't like when people ask who my favorite artist is. It's probably my least favorite question. My response differs day-to-day.  One constant, however, is photographer Slim Aarons. I have always gravitated towards his work on an aesthetic level. Indeed, his form and technicality are indisputably genius, but I never took time to delve beneath the surface of my attraction and really understand the ethos of his work.  I was reading a story today and discovered that Aarons, like me, is from New Hampshire, and greatly loved telling stories of his 'classic New Hampshire childhood.'  Now, if you know me, you know this is something I do very often, sometimes without realizing.  There is a certain childlike curiosity about life that I have, which I proudly attribute to my upbringing, and I see this same childlike curiosity reflected in Aaron's work. His interest in the world, people and that something else - the pleasures and diversions in life that we seek asylum in - there is something there that reminds me of the wanderlust inherent in myself. 

lauren engel