I went to sleep with foam rollers in my wet hair for an entire year when I was nine, because I wanted corkscrew curls like my friend Evie.  At thirteen, I straightened my hair into an near lethal state, causing the dry ends to fray and break apart.  When I was sixteen I nearly poisoned myself with copious amounts of extra hold hairspray for the sake of maintaining big hair just like my mother.  On the cusp of seventeenth I learned how to surf, coincidentally, this was the year I learned how to take care of my hair - or rather, how not to take care of my hair. 

The ocean is a textural wonderland, a mineral odyssey for your hair.  It was submerged within this vast liquid atmosphere that I began not only to recognize my hair at its healthiest, but at it's most genuinely 'me.'  And so I began spending less time transforming my hair into something it was not.  I began to care less about a routine that did not harmonize with my life and actually started to live it.  It was Rosalind Russell who said, "taking joy in living is a woman's best cosmetic."  The more we evolve, and our practices are determined by delight, the more the beholder and the object of beauty are one and the same.

Far and few between are hair products that truthfully prioritize simplicity and healthy life over fussy routines and regimens.  The ocean is life.  It is me, it is you, it is us.  When we float in it, we are healed, we are relaxed, we are home.  It's only natural that I would gravitate towards a product that is made from the sea. People ask me all the time what I use for my hair.  Playa has become my go-to for low maintenance cool hair.  Intent on delivering “get out of bed and go” ease with botanical-leading products that hew to the Environmental Working Group’s guidelines, there is nothing, other than the ocean, that gets my hair looking as laid-back and healthy.   

hair always by @playa 

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